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Two dimensional wireless scanning gun HY-7202W
profile: The appearance of white or black, optional, flame retardant, waterproof, anti earthquake performance; support multiple scan mode, convenient application and various occasions of the user; high brightn

HY-7202W wireless two-dimensional scanning gun

Product overview:

HY-7202Wis my company's 32 support wireless 433M pass through the two-dimensional scanning gun, its beautiful appearance, easy to handle and comfortable, strong decoding ability, wireless transmission stable and far away. Products through the CE, FCC, ROHS, and many other certification, with a variety of data transmission mode and optional automatic induction mode so that it can be widely used in supermarkets, retail, logistics, medicine and other industries that require automatic identification.

Functional characteristics:

Beautiful appearance, white or black, with flame retardant, waterproof, anti shock and other excellent performance;

Support for a variety of scanning mode, to facilitate the application of users in various occasions;

High brightness red lights and clear indication center location;

Ultra wide angle reading, making the scan more freely;

? screen code reading ability strong, can adapt to various different screen brightness identification code;

Optional automatic induction configuration, self learning automatic induction sensitivity setting, strong adaptability;

? the transmission distance, high wall;

The selection of 20 kinds of channels can be applied to the occasion of strong interference;

Efficient decoding speed and ultra low bit error rate, can identify a variety of one-dimensional bar code, including some rare bar code;

Support random upload, data is not lost and inventory of three kinds of data upload mode, applicable to all kinds of occasions, data upload;

Support power down data storage, even in the power down before the failure to successfully transmit, wake up again after the automatic upload;

Support a variety of sound and light alarm, such as under pressure, upload failure, memory, etc.;

Terminal supports USB-KBW or USB-UART these two kinds of data transmission mode;

Technical index:

Power demand: voltage: 3.6-4.2V DC (lithium battery powered), current: 130mA (working); 0mA (standby); 220mA (peak value);

Low voltage 3.8V, low voltage 3.6V. Normal working scanning gun indicator light blue, low voltage scanning gun indicator light is red;

Terminal charging indication: the voltage is not full of red, the voltage is full of blue;

Transfer mode: random upload, the data is not lost, inventory of three models;

433M center frequency, FSK am. 20 kinds of channel selection, frequency selection range: 430-473M, can choose one file per interval 3M;

Wireless transmission distance: 500m;

Data storage capacity: 2000 data or 20K data characters;

Light source: red light with a wavelength of 650nm + 10%, power < 20mW;

Scan depth: 0-750mm? (1.0mm density barcode test);

Can be identified from the angle: about 36 degrees off, up and down from 23 degrees;

Bar code contrast: >=30%;

Reading accuracy: >=3mil?;

Decoding speed: 200 times / sec;

Bit error rate: 1/800 million times;

ESD rating: contact discharge: 9KV, air discharge 15KV;

Temperature and humidity? Use temperature: -10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, storage temperature: -20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius, humidity: 5% to 95%RH condensation;

Seismic capacity: 1.8m free fall test;

? support barcode types: EAN/JAN-8,13; UPC-A; upc-e; CODE-128; CODE-93; RSS-Standard, limited, EMM, CODE-39; two fifths of the Inter-Leaved; two fifths of the standard; two fifths of the matrix, two fifths of the industrial; China-Post; MSI; MSI-PLESSEY; CODE-BAR; CODE-11 etc.;

Two dimensional bar code: PDF417, QR, DataMatrix, QR Mirco;

Matters needing attention:

When using the scanning gun, please confirm the voltage to meet the technical requirements, must not be higher than the index requirements;

Do not use to shoot the eyes;

If you are exposed to corrosive, chemical or other potentially hazardous substances, toxic and high-pressure substances, please use the protective scanning gun;

Please note that:

Read the instructions carefully before use to confirm the use of the environment.


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