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What is the definition of the bar code scanning module?


Compared with barcode scanning module, you may be more familiar with the bar code scanning gun, the bar code scanning module in the end what is it? The bar code scanning module is also called the bar code scanning module and the bar code scanning engine. It is widely used in the field of automatic recognition of the core identification parts, is also one of the key parts of the bar code scanning gun for the development of the two key parts. Scanning module with a complete and independent of the bar code scanning and decoding functions, can be written in various industries according to the requirements of application functions.

According to the classification, the bar code scanning module can be divided into one dimensional code module and two dimensional code module, which can be divided into laser module and red light module according to the light source. The former believe that we will be very easy to understand, one dimensional code module can only scan one dimensional code, two-dimensional code module can scan one and two-dimensional bar code. About laser scanning module and red scanning module, it is possible that we are not very understanding, the following rainbow source electronics will focus on.

The working principle of laser scanning module is by internal laser device play a laser spot, playing in a reflective piece of mechanical structure device, and then rely on the vibration motor to swing the laser point to shine a laser line on the bar code, after A-D decoded into digital signal. And the red scanning module commonly used LED light emitting two light source, by CCD light sensor, and then through the photoelectric signal conversion.

Laser scanning module most by glue to fix the machine caused by mechanical device, so it was swinging in the often easy to damage, swing off, so we can often see some laser gun falls scanning light source is a point, resulting in very high repair. The middle red scanning module has no mechanical structure, so the anti fall is no comparison of the laser, so the stability is better, the repair rate is far lower than the red light scanning module of laser scanning module.

From the physical principle of laser and light, laser stimulated radiation energy is strong, good parallelism of light, and are now mostly red by LED light, the infrared red light is not what we say, physics definition infrared electromagnetic wave temperature object spontaneous radiation is not visible.

Infrared includes all wavelengths greater than red light, while the laser refers to a certain wavelength of light, they are not necessarily linked to two, does not belong to the same field. The laser is a light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation produced by infrared spectroscopy, that can not be observed visually in low frequency part of larger wavelength, wavelength from 0.76 to 400 microns from the wavelength and energy they decided to red light in the bright light penetration and anti-interference than laser difference, so that in the light under the outdoor laser than good red.

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