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How to buy barcode scanning gun


Bar code scanning gun has now been widely used on the market and various industries, and the advantage of the convenience it brings to the people has also been recognized by consumers, the following Hongyuan electronic for everyone to analyze how to choose a bar code scanning gun:

1, scanning speed, refers to the unit time scanning beam scanning frequency in the scanning path.

2, bit error rate, which is equal to the ratio of the number of false recognition and recognition of the total number of times, is an important indicator.

3, the scanning width, in a given scanning distance scanning beam can be read the bar code information physical length value.

4 and full angle scanner selection should pay attention to the scanning line spots distribution: in one direction with a plurality of parallel lines, at one point there are a plurality of scan lines through, in a certain space range of each point in the interpretation of probability tends to be consistent. If you do not meet the above distribution, it is best not to buy.

5, for hand-held pen scanning recognition and need to consider a recognition rate of the first scan ratio of the total number of tags and tag scan read. By a variety of factors, a recognition rate of 100% basically impossible, but people also hope that each scan can pass.

6, a lot of people think that the laser scanning gun is more expensive, more advanced technology, in fact, do not have to use a laser scanning gun. Red scanning gun is also a choice, especially for low contrast bar code and bar code quality is not good, as well as the surface of the bar code film, red or better than the laser.

7, scanning of the depth of field, refers to the scanning head is allowed to leave the bar code on the surface of the distance with the scanner can be close to the difference between the nearest points from the surface of the bar code, namely, form effective working range of code scanner. To distinguish it from the scanning distance, that is, the scanning head to leave the bar code surface of the shortest distance, not to confuse the two.

8, the resolution, refers to the correct detection of the width of the reading of the most narrow strip. At the time of purchase, the resolution is not better, should be based on the use of bar code density to select the corresponding resolution. Otherwise, the resolution is too high, resulting in a stain on the character, and other serious impact on the system. The resolution of the bar code scanner is determined from three aspects: the optical part, the hardware part and the software part.

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