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What is the difference between two dimensional bar code scanning gun and one dimensional bar code sc


Two-dimensional bar code scanning gun on top of the current scanning gun market occupies a share of a large part of the, at the same time in the market above still in circulation that a scanning gun called one-dimensional bar code scanning gun, Hongyuan electronic below is for everyone to analyze what is the difference between the two-dimensional bar code scanning gun and one-dimensional bar code scanning gun:

1) the main difference: two-dimensional bar code scanning gun can scan one dimensional bar code, and can scan two-dimensional bar code; and one dimensional bar code scanning gun can only scan one dimensional bar code.

2) two-dimensional bar code scanning gun and one-dimensional scanning gun difference is that reading bar code type different: one-dimensional bar code can only accommodate limited numbers or words, such as product name, price, and so on, providing more detailed information on commodities; two-dimensional code can accommodate Chinese, storage capacity, can contain more detailed content of the goods. For example, the name and price of clothing, but also can be used to show what the material, the percentage of each material, the size of the clothing size, suitable for the number of people wearing, as well as some washing matters, etc..

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