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What is the difference between one dimensional and two dimensional bar code scanning gun


In today's supermarkets, shopping malls which have the existence of bar code scanning gun, so people on the bar code scanning gun and will not feel strange, but do not understand the bar code scanning gun. At present, the bar code scanning gun is mainly divided into two categories: one dimensional bar code scanning gun and two dimensional bar code scanning gun. The following is a source of electron to analyze the difference between one dimensional and two dimensional bar code scanning gun:

One dimension is in one direction (horizontal direction) by a group of certain coding rules, the width of the bar and space and the corresponding character of the logo, used to indicate certain information. Commonly used one-dimensional code encoding rules are EAN code, UPC code, 128 yards, 39 yards, Chude Ba Ma, etc.. One dimensional simple intuitive, mature management program, the use of a wide range of. But one dimensional code carried by a limited amount of information, such as the barcode for commodity can only accommodate 13 digits, more information can only rely on commercial database support, so in a certain extent also limits the one-dimensional code of the application scope.

Two-dimensional code is developed on the basis of one-dimensional code, can be stored in the horizontal and vertical direction of the two-dimensional space information. Compared to one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code information capacity was large, in a two-dimensional code can be more than 1000 bytes of storage; high density information, the same size 2D codes can be 100 times higher than that of one-dimensional code information density; high recognition rate, due to the two-dimensional code has a very strong data correction techniques, even if there damage and fouling of the area can be correctly read all the information; encoding range, who can digital information can be encoded. Common coding rules are PDF417, Code QR, Matrix Data, Code Aztec and so on.


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