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One dimensional bar code scanning platform HY-8180x
profile: Features. Antioxidant optical technology with 32 bit main control chip equipped with proprietary software decoding speed. Scanning lines, five scanning direction, in line with the mainstream commercia

Functional properties

1, anti oxidation optical technology with 32 main control chip equipped with proprietary software, decoding speed

20, 2 scanning lines, 5 scanning direction, in line with the mainstream commercial applications;

3, scanning without leakage code, code less phenomenon; can be interpreted smoothly reflective, wrinkled, fuzzy, color bar, light and dark environment can also be decoded correctly.

4, the appearance of simple and generous, stable performance, in accordance with a variety of industrial applications.

performance parameter

Light source type 650nm visible laser diode

Scanning angle 5 scanning directions

Scan line number 20

Scan speed of 1500 lines per second

Scanning precision 5MIL (0.127mm)

Scan depth (13mil UPC/EAN100%, 0~220mm PCS90%)

The lowest reflection of printing contrast 30%

LED indicates blue + Red LED indicator

Sound tone and volume adjustable acoustic horn

Physical parameter

Size length * width * height: 105 * 100 * 157 (mm)

Weight 360g

Optional color black and gray

Interface USB HID, analog keyboard, RS-232 serial port

Electrical Parameters

Input voltage 5V DC + 10%

Operating current 220mA

Environmental parameter

Operating temperature of 0 degrees Celsius to 50

Working humidity relative humidity 5%~95% (no condensation)

Storage temperature -20 C ~60

Drop test can withstand 1.5 meters free fall

IP level IP54

Ambient light interference 0~5000Lux (fluorescence)

0~100000Lux (daylight)

Safety standard

Laser safety standards in line with national level 1 laser safety standards

Size: 105*100*157mm (L * w * h) 360g




Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

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