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One dimensional bar code scanning platform HY-8120
profile: . antioxidant optical technology with 32 bit main control chip equipped with software patents, decoding speed. Scanning lines, five scanning direction, conforms to the mainstream commercial applicatio

HY-8120 scanning platform parameters

Functional properties

1, anti oxidation optical technology with 32 main control chip equipped with proprietary software, decoding speed

24, 2 scanning lines, 5 scanning direction, in line with the mainstream commercial applications;

3, scanning without leakage code, code less phenomenon; can be interpreted smoothly reflective, wrinkled, fuzzy, color bar, light and dark environment can also be decoded correctly.

4, the appearance of simple and generous, stable performance, in accordance with a variety of industrial applications.

Scanning mode omnidirectional multi wire, 24 wire mesh laser

Input voltage 5V 250mA, DC

Power output 1.25Watt

Power source keyboard interface host supply; Rs-232 external connection or host supply

Light source visible laser 650nm

Laser grade IEC825-1 (1993) I U, S.21CFR1040, Class IIa Class

To Up 300 PCS90% 300mm mm@13mill.33

Transmission rate 2400-38400 RS232baudrate:

Rotation angle of 1 + 36

Decoding speed 2000 times per second

Scan contrast is greater than 30% black

The illumination intensity of the light source is not influenced by artificial lighting and outdoor natural lighting conditions

Readable strip width minimum readable 4mil (0.10mm) bar code

UPC-A UPC-E, EAN-13 decoding, EAN-8, ISBN/ISSN, code 39, code codebar,

Cross 25 yards, 25 yards, 25 yards, 128 yards, 93 yards, 11 yards,

MSI/PIESSEY, UK/PLESSEY, UCC/EAN128 code, China Post code, etc. all one

Dimensional bar code.

Prompt way to indicate the LED, buzzer

System interface PS/2 IBM keyboard, PC/XT/AT IBM, RS-232 serial port; standard 2.0USB interface

Trigger mode automatic continuous scanning

Appearance size long x wide x high: X 110mmW x 147mmH 115mmL

Weight of 380 grams (excluding wire)

Color gray white and black

Cable standard straight line 2m

Interface type RJ-45

Shell material ABS+ silica gel (EVA)

Operating temperature of 0 to 40

Storage temperature -10 to 60

Operating humidity 20% - 95%

Earthquake resistant capacity by 1.5 meters free fall test

Language support multi language

Illumination Max4800LUX near 4800LUX

Electromagnetic compatibility 801-2 IEC (1991)

Radio and image interference: 55024/22 FCC, Part 15class B CNS, EN 13438

Size: 105*100*157mm (L * w * h) 380g





Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

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