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Barcode data collector HY-8000
profile: Cortex.ARM 32 bit microprocessor, high performance, low power consumption. .2.8 inch HD resolution LCD screen, clear, beautiful, generous. Industrial grade. The standard 16M memory chip, the user stor

HY-8000 barcode data collector

This device uses Cortex ARM 32 bit microprocessor, high performance, low power consumption. Is a high quality hand held terminal device in the laser bar code collector terminal. It is the integration of laser scanning bar code, display, file reading and writing. Built in FATFS file system can be through the data line U disk files to copy, copy, paste, delete and other operations, but also through the wireless data transmission. Quick scan, timely display, allowing input, automatic storage, such as simple and convenient operation. Widely used in retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical, postal, logistics, asset management, warehouse management, library management, supermarket management and other fields.

Product features

ARM Cortex 32 bit microprocessor, high performance and low power consumption.

2.8 inch HD resolution LCD screen, clear, beautiful and generous.

- industrial standard 16M memory chip, the user storage space.

- comes with a large capacity lithium battery, long working hours, full power state can work continuously for 18 hours.

- commodity information capacity, and more with a machine, with commodity inventory, data collection, import and export of goods, wireless scanning gun (optional).

- to increase the satisfaction and work efficiency of the end user through the comfort and ease of use.

- accurate data collection to increase work efficiency and operational efficiency.

Efficient and convenient data background, simple operation, small occupied space.

- support product data import and export, can directly view the product information in the device.

With all kinds of management software for flexible docking, such as: housekeeper, yum, UF, branch vein, Yixun, sysion, Zimon etc..


Basic parameter

Product positioning in the high-end

Product size length 168mm thickness 40mm width 68mm

Shell material ABS+PC

Net weight 215g

Processor Cortex ARM 32 microprocessor, main frequency: 72MHz

512KB program memory storage space, users of 16MBFLASH memory

Screen 2.8 inch screen, 320*240 resolution

Software development software two development kits, support MDK Keil development platform

Circuit board process sinking gold process

Language Chinese, English

Input method manual input, scan input

performance parameter

Decoding type ID bar code

Scanning speed 50 times per second

Bit error rate 1/500 million

Scanning angle of + 65, + 70, + 45 degrees (about, before and after, rotation)

Printing contrast 20% reflection difference

UPC-A UPC-E/E1, EAN-13 decoding, EAN-8, and ISBN/ISSN, 39 yards, 39 yards (ASCII code), 32 code, Trioptic39 code, cross 25 yards, 25 yards Industrial (Discrete 2of5), a matrix of 25 yards, 128 yards, Chude Ba Ma (NW7), UCC/EAN 128, ISBT128, 93 yards, 11 yards (USD-8, MSI/Plessey, UK/Plessey), Chinese postal code

Reading distance 10650mm

Read code precision 3mil

System interface USB2.0 (standard), 433MHz wireless transmission (optional)

Wireless transmission of the open place up to 300 meters

Scan mode single thread scan

Tips buzzer, screen straight

Electrical parameters

Power 1800mAh 3.7V lithium battery

Operating current 95mA

Instantaneous maximum current 150mA

Standby current 0mA

Charging current 550mA

Safety regulations

Laser safety grade EN608251, two national laser safety standards

Electromagnetic compatibility DOC compliance CE&FCC

Electrical safety EN609501

Seismic capacity of 1.5 meters height free fall 30 times

Environmental parameter

Working temperature -55 C -20

Storage temperature -25 C -70

Relative humidity temperature 5%-90% (no condensation)

Ambient brightness Max.5000Lux (Ying Guang)


Accessories 1800mAh 3.7V lithium battery x1, 5V/1V charger x1, USB data line x1, manual x1, product certification x1, warranty card x1, wireless receiver X1 (optional)


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