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Alipay WeChat scanner HY-1890T 2D Yuan Hong
profile: . accurate red sight. Large angle image sensor. High speed, omnidirectional one-dimensional code image read, two-dimensional code reading. Support for all common interface. Support the mobile screen b

2D HY-1890T

Universal two dimensional scanning gun with intelligent multi interface integrated design. He has 3 independent memory storage areas, respectively, the RS232 serial port, keyboard port and USB three different interface settings. The conversion between the different interface is very convenient, do not need to scan any configuration bar code, scanner will automatically detect the interface automatically complete the corresponding conversion.

General two-dimensional scanning gun characteristics

The red - precise sight

In the view of image sensor

In high speed, the whole direction of the one-dimensional code image read, two-dimensional code reading

- supports all common interface

In support of the mobile phone screen barcode: can read directly on the mobile phone screen electronic tickets or coupons

- environmental protection material: the use of medical environmental protection material, for customer contact

- durable design: IP43 sealing grade fell Jianai specifications, can withstand the impact of falling to the ground from the concrete /1.83 m height of 6 feet

General 2D scanning technique parameters

Physical parameter

Volume (length x width x height) 180 x mm 69 x mm92 mm

Weight 130 g

Electrical Parameters

Input voltage 5 +/-10%VDC @ 450 mA

Work power 2W (450 mA @ 5 V)

Standby power 0.4W (120 mA @ 5 V)

System interface USB, RS232, Wedge Keyboard

Environmental parameter

Working temperature of 0 degrees to C 55 degrees C (32 degrees to F 104 degrees F)

Storage temperature -40 degrees C degrees to 60 degrees C (-40 degrees to F 140 degrees F)

Humidity 5% to 95% relative temperature, non condensed state

Resistance to fall 1.5 meters high altitude fall

Dust resistance can resist the invasion of air dust

Ambient light immune indoor illumination 1600 Lux solar light 86000 Lux

Scanning parameters

Scanning mode 2D image

Scanning angle high density HD: horizontal: 41.4 degree; vertical: 32.2

Standard distance SR: level: 42.4 degrees; vertical: 33

Long distance ER: horizontal: 31.6 degrees; vertical: 24.4

Anti jitter horizontal speed: 12.7cm per second

The reflection difference of the lowest 18% of the printing contrast is recognized.

Angle, elevation 42 degrees, 68 degrees

Decoding capability for all 1D codes, 2D codes, PDF417, postal codes and OCR characters

Shelf life of 1 years


Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

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