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Two dimensional wireless scanning gun HY-6000
profile: . the 433 wireless technology, scanning gun and the distance from the base station 100 meters within the scope of free movement. Lasting durable lithium battery, can support continuous scanning 2 mill



Wireless connection: the latest 433 wireless technology can achieve the scanning gun and the base station 100 meters away from the free movement of the. Durable durable lithium battery: each full charge can support nearly 20 thousand times to ensure the normal operation of scanning, the longest time.

Storage function: can store 1 thousand (1024 characters / bar) bar code information. High quality two-dimensional image scanning gun unique decoding technology: reference to the international top-level decoding technology, can accurately and quickly carry out a variety of one-dimensional, two-dimensional code decoding. Reliable data acquisition function: support all standard two-dimensional code system, computer, mobile phone, tablet and other support screen two-dimensional code scanning to protect the future investment: to provide two-dimensional code scanning function at an affordable price, one set of the equipment can meet the company's current and future needs of barcode scanning.

HY-6000-2D (G) technical parameters

Physical parameter

Scanning type image

Safety performance in line with national level two laser safety standards

Size length * width * height 155mm*65mm*95mm

Length * width * height * width * 200mm*130mm*105mm

Shell material ABS

Product weight 320G

Packaging weight 540g

LED red, green color

performance parameter

Operating current 340mA

DC power supply 5.2VDC@1A; Class2

Quiescent current 30mA

Battery Specification 3.7/2000mA

Charging time 6-8 hours

Work power 400mA@5V-; 2W typical value

Standby power 0.45W, 90mA@5V- typical value

Support bar code type standard one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code (Data, Matrix, QR, MaxiCode, Aztec Hanxin PDF417)

Radio frequency 433MHZ

Communication distance 200M (Kong Kuang) with storage

Scan times 15000 times

System interface RS232, USB

Environmental parameter

The operating temperature is 0 DEG C - 40

The storage temperature of-40 DEG C - 60

Operating humidity 5%-95% relative humidity, non condensed state

ESD protection + 15kVDC air discharge, + 8kVDC direct / indirect discharge

Drop test 100 times /1M

Light intensity 0-100.000LUX

Motion tolerance 100 mm / s 13milUPC

IP level IP54

LED security authentication IEC6247

IEC60950 CB

Integrated authentication GOST-R (Russia), CE

Electromagnetic interference in compliance with PAR1, en50081 specifications

EMC electromagnetic compatibility EN55024, class B EN55022

Dust proof seal in order to resist the intrusion of airborne dust particles

Classical performance

Barcode depth density

3 Code39 33-95mm mil (1.3-3.7in.)

10 UPC 32-255mm mil (1.3-10.0in.)

20 Code39 35-355mm mil (1.4-14.0in.)

6.6 PDF417 30-95mm mil (1.2-3.7in.)

6.7 Data mil Matrix 30-100mm (1.2-3.9in.)

15 Data mil Matrix 21-162mm (0.8-6.4in.)

20 QR 23-300mm mil (0.9-7.9in.)

This data may be due to the quality of the bar code and environmental factors


Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

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