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How to test the barcode scanning gun?


Many consumer after the bar code scanning guns will be a test, but for the bar code scanner is not very familiar with the consumer, test this thing may be ignored, or is a random test, resulting in some other conditions, following Hongyuan electronic to for everyone to analyze the barcode scanner to test:

1, the scanning gun data line to pull back, the cable does not slip out to indicate that the connection is good. The other end is inserted into the corresponding port on the computer, when the lower right corner of the computer prompts the automatic installation of a hardware driver, waiting for it to be installed automatically.

2, installed after the completion of the US on the computer to open a notepad, TXT, word document or Excel spreadsheet and other may enter the software (as long as there is a blinking cursor can), close the input method (be sure to turn off input method, or switch to the English state). After pressing the button, the bar code scanning gun will emit a ray of light, the light will be aligned with the bar code scanning, the scanning gun will be issued a "drop" sound, bar code data will be transmitted to the computer text. It should be noted here is not to scan the manual on the bar code, because it will make the bar code scanning gun into the set state, can not be used properly, or to enter the wrong configuration. If you do not care to scan the set card, resulting in not correctly scan, you can only restore the factory set up.

3, at the time of scanning, please note that the bar code scanning gun and be scanned items have a certain distance, so as to correctly scan. Light also need parallel to the bar, too much about the direction of the cross is unable to properly scan bar codes.

4, the above is USB barcode scanner test process, if you use the serial data line, please first serial cable connected to the computer serial port, on the computer open a serial assistant software, choose corresponding baud rate (often some baud rate is 9600 and 115200, usually scanning gun default is 9600 the speed), and then use the barcode scanner to scan the bar code, bar code data will transfer to a software serial port.

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