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The difference between Bluetooth, 2.4G, 433 wireless scanning gun

Now the wireless scanning gun on the market mainly uses the following communication technology:

1, Bluetooth, divided into HID and SPP mode. Bluetooth communication is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, compatibility is higher, medium transmission distance, power consumption is moderate.

2, 2.4G wireless transmission, which is a Bluetooth technology.

3, WiFi transmission, in theory, as long as there is a repeater, Wifi to transmit far are no problem, the area covered more widely.

They explain the difference between the following:

The difference between 2.4G and bluetooth:

2.4GHz wireless technology is a short-range wireless transmission technology, bidirectional transmission, strong anti-interference ability, transmission distance (short distance wireless technology, the advantages of less power consumption), while the 2.4G technology can access to the computer at a distance of 10 meters.

Bluetooth technology, which is a wireless transmission protocol based on 2.4G technology, due to the adoption of different protocols, so there is different from other 2.4G technology, which is referred to as the Bluetooth technology.

In fact, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless technology these two are different two nouns. But there is no difference in frequency between the two, are 2.4G band. Note that the 2.4G band is not to say that 2.4G, in fact, Bluetooth standard is from 2.402-2.480G these bands. 2.4G products must be equipped with a receiver, and now 2.4G wireless mouse is equipped with a receiver; while the Bluetooth mouse does not require the receiver, just use any product with Bluetooth function to achieve the connection operation. The most important is that the 2.4G wireless mouse receiver, can only be one to one mode of operation; while the Bluetooth module can achieve a number of working mode. Advantages and disadvantages, 2.4G technology products connected fast, Bluetooth technology products need to be paired, but 2.4G technology products and must have a USB interface, as well as other and so there are advantages and disadvantages. At present, Bluetooth technology is mainly used for Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth stereo, etc.. 2.4G technology products are mainly wireless mouse and so on.

The difference between Bluetooth and WIFI:

Bluetooth and WIFI belong to the standard of wireless communication network. Their same point is all work in the ISM2.4GHz common band.

The difference is that the use of Bluetooth is FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) mode, the general jump 1600 times per second, the 83.5MHz band is divided into 79 bands, each time only 1MHz bandwidth. Communication distance is generally 10 meters, in April this year, the latest version of the Bluetooth4.0 transmission distance can reach 50 meters.

WiFi using the protocol when the IEEE802.11b LAN protocol, it's transmission range of 100 meters, the maximum speed can reach 11Mbps, the use of DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) and QPSK or BPSK (phase shift keying), the bandwidth is 22MHz.

Bluetooth belongs to WPAN wireless local area network, that is, point to point. WiFi belongs to WLAN wireless local area network, and the network mode of multiple terminals simultaneously transmit.


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