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Enterprise mission: to solve the problem of bar code scanning, so that the management is more simple!

Corporate goals: to become the world's brand of bar code scanning equipment!

Corporate philosophy: integrity, innovation, pragmatic and efficient!

Enterprise culture: dedication, learning innovation, moral responsibility, the pursuit of achievement!

①Professional dedication: We deeply understand, success requires not only efforts and, and no persistent insistence, success will be far away from us, to get things done, pursuit is the foundation, at the same time, without dedication, careful, and pay, is very difficult, so we must not only persistent pursuit, but we also need to devote full professionalism.

②Learning and Innovation: social development is enormous, not learning, we soon will be left behind, in order to transcend social development, we not only need to study hard, and we want to continue to innovate, to do other people do things to to the society bring greater wealth, to go beyond our competitors, enable us to remain invincible.

③Moral responsibility: the history of human civilization for thousands of years, social development is also getting faster and faster, technology in advance by leaps and bounds, but some things are more and more valuable, this is the social morality. It is an important cornerstone of human development, we do not do anything contrary to social ethics, so that our team will be more cohesive, the enterprise can continue to operate. There are social and moral enterprises, will have social responsibility, only the courage to take responsibility and the courage to assume responsibility for the enterprise, will have greater development.

④The pursuit of success: we adhere to the pursuit of social morality, our dedication, we will achieve great success, and all my colleagues will share and make the same achievements.


Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

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