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Tel: 020-29033479
Landline: 020-22974925
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Purchasing process

Sample booking procedure

1. Please contact our sales consultant to confirm the type, quantity and price of the products you are interested in, and confirm the delivery time and delivery time.

2. Please send the payment receipt to our sales consultant by email or fax.

3. After the delivery of the company, our sales consultants will be as soon as possible through e-mail or fax to confirm the details of delivery.

4. Our sales consultant will contact you after receipt of the samples and confirm the satisfaction of the samples.


Periodic purchasing procedure

1. Please select the type and quantity of the product according to the price list provided by our sales consultant.

2. Our sales consultant will confirm the delivery date and delivery schedule according to the contract or order.

3. After receiving the payment, we will be ready to prepare the goods and deliver the goods on schedule.


Custom service

If you have customized needs, such as screen printing, generally need to meet the minimum quantity requirements, and pay an additional fee accordingly. Please confirm details of cooperation with our sales consultant.


Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

Tel: 020-29033479 22974925 86854599
Fax: 020-22974925
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