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Barcode solution

Packaging industry

In order to carry out strict quality control, food and drug packaging enterprises have begun to use more and more advanced automatic tracking technology. Taking medicine for example, safety and packaging product verification is a very important requirement and has been listed as a legal. The packaging industry can use HYUAN products to track production data, guide freight forwarding, ensure the quality of label printing, and track shipment. All HYUAN scanners can quickly interpret the drug number (Code Pharma).

Retail trade

Now the competition of commercial retail enterprises is not only the price competition, service competition, but also the competition of information management. Many of the domestic retail enterprises are fully use of existing domestic and foreign advanced management and technology, combined with HYUAN products, improve procurement technology, distribution technology, warehousing technology and information technology the key technical ability. At present more feasible management information system solution is to make full use of bar code technology and bar code equipment, to achieve the corresponding relationship between the efficient and accurate collection, verification.

Manufacturing industry

Bar code, as the most economic data file carrier so far, provides a means to achieve production management and inventory management in the manufacturing industry. Using a complete set of bar code technology based management solution, can better improve production efficiency, control inventory, reduce shortage, enhance the timeliness and accuracy of delivery, improve customer service level.

Document processing

Almost all large document and mail processing operations include automatic data tracking capabilities to improve production efficiency. Modern document processing equipment operating speed is very fast, therefore, such equipment must be able to interpret all kinds of flexible coding, including the traditional bar code and data matrix code. HYUAN scanning engine is usually built in the document processing equipment, to achieve data tracking, classification, path, insert and print invoices.

Ticket point and user terminal

Two dimension bar code or code in booking and self-service terminal is used more and more widely, such as equipment, bank, pay their bills, buy movie disc rental, bottles and cans recycling, lottery, luggage storage, pharmacy automation and inspection ticket system. The application of the equipment is very wide, so there are different space and speed requirements, and only applicable to the code type. HYUAN can provide a full range of scanners and customized products based on laser scanning and imaging technology to meet customer demand for data tracking.

medical diagnosis

Medical device manufacturers are required to complete the data 100%, and need to be very reliable and can be applied to the components of their equipment. Whether it is the identification of test tube conveyor belts, reagents, or the standard version of the enzyme, the device manufacturers are dependent on the smallest integrated cost to achieve maximum product performance and maximum flexibility. HYUAN focuses on embedded data identification and design of customized products, can be widely used to meet customer requirements.


Ad. : A1 Bldg. Yihebei Rd. No. 46 Shiling Town GZ

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