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Finance Manager

Age: 24-35 | gender: no limit | language: fluent in Cantonese |: driver's license is not required

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the daily management of the finance department;

2、Organizations to develop, improve the financial management system and the formulation of the relevant, and supervise the implementation; to ensure that the correct financial process and financial operation can effectively throughout the organization, management processes and departmental expenses such as provide financial control;

3、Responsible for the timely preparation of the report and submit financial analysis and financial management reports, budget, etc.;

4、Responsible for the company's overall capital allocation, cost accounting, accounting and analysis;

5、Responsible for the management of funds and assets;

6、Responsible for the financial affairs of the external and government departments, such as the tax bureau, Finance Bureau, banks and other liaison, communication work, provide the relevant parties need financial matters analysis report;

7、Professional knowledge and advice on financial, accounting, auditing, taxation and management for the management team;

Post qualification:

1、College degree, major in financial management, financial accounting or related major;

2、3 years or above working experience in financial management, financial management experience in foreign company is preferred, and has a certain English reading ability;

3、Good team management and coordination ability;

4、Independent thinking and financial risk control.


Age: 18-24 years old: not limited to language: fluent in Mandarin driver's license: not required

Job responsibilities:

1、Timely, accurate answer / transfer phone, if necessary, record the message and timely convey;

2、Be responsible for the reception of visiting customers, basic consulting and introduction, strictly implement the company's reception service norms, and maintain good etiquette;

3、Receive company mail, express, newspaper, fax and goods, and do a good job in the management of registration and forwarding;

4、Responsible for the company's front desk or the reception room of the health cleaning and chairs placed, and keep clean and tidy;

5、To assist the staff of the company's copy, fax and other work;

6、Update and manage employee communication address and phone number in a timely manner;

7、Completion of the company, the department assigned matters, tracking the results in a timely manner;

Post qualification:

1、the image of good, good temperament, age 24 - 18 years old, height 1.6 above;

Commercial documentary
Age: 24-35 | gender: no limit | language: fluent in Cantonese |: driver's license is not required

Job responsibilities:

1、Be responsible for the daily business order of the company's customers and regular communication;

2、Responsible for the customer and follow up payment collection business area;

3、Responsible for the establishment and management of customer files within the business area;

4、Records, consolidation and collection of relevant sales data in the business area.

Job requirements:

1、Education is not limited, with relevant business documentary experience;

2、Experience in business promotion, merchandising and planning;

3、Good computer skill, knowledge of finance is preferred;

4、 Good language expression and strong communication skills, work carefully, proactive, good at learning and innovation.

Electronic maintenance

Age: 23-45 years old gender: not limited to language: good Mandarin  

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for maintenance of defective products;

2、Responsible for following up the production progress and solving the problems encountered in the production;

3、Familiar with electronic circuit diagram and all kinds of electronic components;

4、Familiar with soldering, circuit board repair;  

Job requirements:

1、College or above, major in electronics or computer science;

2、Strong learning ability and good health;

3、Can undertake a certain work intensity, can meet the emergency handling and overtime requirements;

4、Skilled use of various types of electronic testing instruments, familiar with the electronic circuit debugging process;

5、Familiar with the principle design and PCB design of electronic circuits.

Electronics Development Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1,Electronic related major, at least 3 years of electronic products hardware and software research and development experience, independent research and development ability is preferred;

2,Good command of analog and digital circuits, at least ALTIUM, PADS, ORCAD, and a graphics software in the electronic circuit;

3,Proficiency in C, C++ programming language; can independently complete the software development;

4,Can independently solve and analysis problems, but not lack of team spirit; work attitude, work carefully, have higher efficiency;

Quality control department QC/.QA

Negotiable,Not limited to men and women ages 25-40

Job responsibilities:

1)College degree or above. Major in electronics industry is preferred; good English ability is preferred;

2)Have a strong sense of responsibility and quality of work;
3)Diligent, motivated, be familiar with computer operation;
4)Have strong management skills, work carefully and be responsible for.

Job requirements:

1)Strict implementation of the company rules and regulations, conscientiously perform their duties;

2)The strict implementation of the relevant standards and technical documents, inspection specification, prevent fault detection and missed;

3)According to the inspection procedures for the inspection and supervision of the process of products, to eliminate substandard products mixed with the next process;

4)Responsible for the inspection and test status of the products;

5)Be responsible for the inspection record and quality information feedback, check and correct.


Gender: not limited to the age of the language proficiency of the Chinese driver's license: C1

Job responsibilities:

1、responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

2、According to the marketing plan, complete the sales target;

3、Open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales;

4、Responsible for the collection of market information and analysis of competitors;

5、Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area, and complete the sales task.  


Men and women are not limited

Job responsibilities:

1、In accordance with the requirements of the production workshop supervisor, finish the task on time, complete the monthly production tasks;

2、According to process requirements for production operation;

3、Obey the leadership arrangement, complete the technical learning task;

4、Complete temporary work assigned by leader.  

Post qualification:
1、18 years of age, high school or above;

2、More than 1 years working experience in manufacturing company;

3、Experience in electronics factory is a plus;

4、Hard-working, have a sense of responsibility.

Working hours:

Work eight hours a day to work overtime

Above all, meal allowance and accommodation subsidies, paid holiday welfare performance bonus, year-end bonus

If you are interested in the above position, please send your resume to our email address.hy@hybcode.net


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